Starburst Pokie

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Play Starburst Now for Free

The Starburst pokie is one such pokie which was created and developed by one of the leading virtual games providers – Netent; Net Entertainment. This software designer has ensured that all its games are of the highest standards and their players will never seize to be amazed with the fantastic and rewarding features they offer. So much so, that the Starburst pokie is one of the few pokies which combines the strategy and game play of both a classic slot and a video slot. The main difference between these two types of pokies is the fact that in the case of a video slot, there is further detail implemented within the design and software enabling for more animation and features. On the other hand, the classic online slot machines are those based on the fruit machines which were first introduced in America within land based casinos. But the Starburst pokie has many services to offer its players and therefore will enable them to win high amounts within a short period of time. The Starburst pokie comprises of five reels and three rows which is the average setup of any video slot. The Starburst pokies also provides players with the choice of being able to select from a series of ten bet lines and different levels and coin values. However it is suggested that for whoever who desires to accomplish the highest possible wins during game play of the Starburst pokie, that they try to make the highest bets. The reason for this is due to the payout ratios related to the combinations of the various symbols within the Starburst pokie. So much so that in order to help players make a fast and user friendly high bet, the Starburst pokie also offers the option of a max bet. In this case, once this option is selected, the player will automatically and immediately activate a spin at the highest of ten bet lines and bet level ten of the Starburst pokie. Being a creation of Netent, the Starburst pokie as well as all their other pokies revolve around a particular and unique theme which cannot be found in any other game. In the case of the Starburst pokie, the theme revolves around precious gems and stars and the symbols include the classic BAR symbol, lucky 7 and various colourful gems ranging from yellow, green, orange, blue and purple. The highest paying combination of symbols is that of the BAR however further information on this is provided within the pay table of the Starburst pokie. But this is not all that the Starburst pokie has to offer. It also offers a series of features which are both standard and unique to the Starburst pokie alone. These include the Starburst pokie wilds with re-spins.

The Starburst pokie Wild symbols may appear anywhere but only on reels two, three and four. When this occurs, the Starburst pokie wild feature will automatically and immediately be activated. Once this happens, the Starburst pokie wild symbol which is in the form of a multi-coloured gem will expand to cover the whole reel and will remain in place while the rest of the reels re-spin. This provides an additional chance for players to win big in the Starburst pokie. During this Starburst pokie, should another wild symbol appear during the re-spin, this will also expand and stick in place giving yet another chance for the reels to re-spin. This feature will then immediately end once no more Starburst pokie wild symbols re-appear. A maximum of two more of the Starburst pokie would symbols can appear once the initial one has been activated allowing for a maximum of three re-spins. However it is important to note that no matter how many re-spins take place during the game play of the Starburst pokie, these are played at the same bet made during the round which activated them in the first place. This is yet another reason why it is always suggested to make the highest possible bet during the Starburst pokie play.

As one can see from the information provided above, as mentioned earlier, this pokie combines the simplicity of a classic slot with the imagery and features of a more advanced video slot. However it is thanks to the user friendliness and ease of access that makes this game one of the most popular among casinos such as casino New Zealand. So much so, that players who wish to access this game need not download any additional software in order to take advantages of the plentiful graphics and animation. It is also due to this factor that this same game can also be offered for free. That is right free! This means that due to the instant play techniques implemented, players from all over the world with an internet access can simply click on the game and it will automatically and immediately open up with a substantial amount of free credit at their disposal. This amount will allow for players to better acquaint themselves and practice the pokie of their choice (such as this one) before committing to actual money play. Once they are convinced that this is in fact a fun, entertaining and rewarding game, they may proceed in logging into their casino account from which they may begin to win real money. This is one of the greatest advantages that any online casino has over land based casinos. So much so that this is one of the main reasons why so many players from all over the world are attracted to such games and the high probabilities they provide for the players.