Scarface Pokie

The infamous motion picture of Tony Montana in Scarface has become legendary and there is no single person in the world who has never heard of this motion picture. Netent – one of the leading developers and creators of virtual games – has gone a step further in bringing this movie once again to life in a new and innovative manner.

Play Scarface Now for Free

Ever since the introduction of online casino games within casinos such as Casino New Zealand, the demand for new and original games is constantly increasing. Therefore it was only a matter of time that game developers began to collaborate with studios such as Universal Studios to bring forth the most original form of pokies. Pokies are by far the most sought after online casino games in the industry due to their high payouts and high returns to players. It is therefore for this manner that the database of such games is constantly on the increase. In the case of the Scarface pokie, players would already have an idea what this particular game is based on. It is for this reason that the selection of pokies is made easier; it is their theme basis which makes them most attractive. Thus the Scarface pokie is based on the story of Tony Montana who tries to make a name for himself in this world and become one of the most powerful men alive. Therefore among the characters and symbols which may be found within the Scarface pokie compliment both the theme and the motion picture itself. The characters include Tony Montana, Manny Ribera, Elvira Hancock, Frank Lopez, and Alejandro Sosa and of course the classic video slot machine symbols (A, K, Q, J and 10). Being a video slot, the Scarface pokie also comprises of five reels and twenty bet lines. Players of the Scarface pokie are able to select from a series of levels and coin values while the twenty bet lines remain fixed in order to perform the best game play that suits them the most. In fact, when playing pokies such as the Scarface pokie, it is always suggested to play the highest possible bets in order to win more. But this is not all that is made available in order to help players win large sums in a short amount of time. The Scarface pokie also provides a series of bonus features such as three unique stacked wilds, a mini off the reel bonus game, nudge spins and free spins.

The Scarface pokie stacked wilds come in three forms and may appear in reels 2, 3 or 4 as they made up of three distinct characters. It is important to note that a stacked wild will substitute all other symbols except for the stacked wilds themselves. If only a part of the stacked wild appears on a reel this will turn into a Scarface pokie wild which will also substitute for all symbols. If the stacked wild appears in full in reel 2, this will automatically activate the Nudge spins; if the wilds appear in reel 3 then this will divert the player to the Scarface pokie mini off the reel bonus game and finally if the wilds appear in reel 4, the player will receive fifteen free spins. The Scarface pokie’s Nudge spins which are activated when the stacked wild symbol appears in reel 2, will automatically cause the reels to nudge one position while the other reels re-spin for a second chance at larger wins. It is important to note that the spins are automatically played at the same bet level and coin value chosen by the player during the spin which activated the nudge spins. The same in fact applies to the free spins. The Scarface pokie’s free spins are also activated when a stacked wild symbol appears in reel 4 and players will immediately be awarded with fifteen free spins. Any winnings obtained from the free spins are tripled, totalled and added to players’ balances. It is important to note, as mentioned earlier, that in order for players to win these free spins, the entire stacked wild symbols must appear on the reel. If on the other hand, a stacked wild symbol appears on reel 3 (whether during the free spins or during the Scarface pokie main game), this will automatically activate the bonus game. When this occurs, players will be diverted to a separate screen which will comprise of an animated feature of the final scene of the Scarface motion picture. In this case the character Tony Montana is surrounded by assassins and the player will be handed either bullets or a grenade at random. In this case, it is up to the player playing the Scarface pokie to kill the assassins by selecting sections of the floor when they are located depending on the weapon given. The closer the assassins approach, the harder they are to kill and the game will automatically end when Tony Montana is shot. With each successful kill, the player will receive a series of bonus coins. These are based on the bet level of the round which activated the Scarface pokie bonus game in the first place. These bonus amounts are totalled and added to players’ balances at the end of the feature. The maximum possible coins to be won during this bonus game may be up to eight thousand. This is a fun and entertaining feature presented within the Scarface pokie allowing for players to form part of this popular movie scene. However it is understandable that all the above mentioned information and details may seem overwhelming at first, but the Scarface pokie is in fact a very easy and user friendly game which can be played by anyone. But in order to get a better understanding of this, Netent has presented the Scarface pokie in free mode. This means that players from all over the world including those residing in New Zealand are now able to simply search for Casino online New Zealand and click on the Scarface pokie without the need of logging into a casino account.

As is the case with all other pokies created by Netent, this and many more pokies utilise a series of user friendly software which do not require players to download them beforehand. With a simple click of a button, the games will automatically and immediately open up either in free or real mode.