Live Roulette

One of the greatest advantages which online casinos have to offer any land based casino, is the ability to access the same games and many more from the comfort of players’ homes. Ever since the introduction of online gaming, there has been a steady and increasing inflow of players from all over the world including those located in New Zealand. Thanks to casinos such as Casino New Zealand, residents can now access a large variety of casino online games which are entertaining, awarding and worthwhile. However it is by far the live casino games which have attracted the most attention of such players.

It is understandable that it may sometimes be difficult for certain players to travel to their closest land based casino in order to play games such as roulette. Therefore such casinos as casino online New Zealand have been able to transfer the visual broadcast of an actual live dealer straight to players’ computers. Live roulette is one of the most popular of such games and players need not necessarily miss out on the casino feel when playing online. The reason this is made possible is thanks to the collaboration which certain online casinos have with actual land based casinos or casino studios. Either way, no matter where the live transmission is coming from, players may rest assured that this is performed in live time and with actual professional dealers. However before being able to describe the method in which live roulette is played, players must first be made aware of how the transmission of live roulette takes place. As mentioned earlier, the live broadcasts of live roulette may take place from two different venues. However the procedure remains the same. TO begin with, in order for any player to gain access to any game of live roulette, it must be noted that players would need to log into their casino account beforehand. The reason for this is simple. As live roulette abides by the same rules and regulations of any roulette game to be found within a land based casino, game play may only take place in real mode. This means that at the beginning of any live roulette game, players would need to access their actual money account balance and play with their own money. Their balances would then need to be transferred into chips and the live roulette game may commence. The dealer (no matter where he / she is located on the other side) will have a live camera located above their roulette table. These cameras will transmit a live feed straight via the internet to the online casino offering the live roulette game. All this will take place in real time and thus no pre-recorded games will take place. The access to live roulette would usually depend on the opening hours of the casino from where the transmission is broadcasted. More often than not, players playing live roulette would need to include a certain amount of software within their computers in order to gain access to clear and crisp pictures of the live dealers; JavaScript or Adobe flash player. Once everything is set and players have logged into their accounts, live roulette may begin.

As live roulette follows the same rules as any other roulette, it is important to know the basic regulations of roulette in order to have an enjoyable game. More often than not, live roulette is based on European roulette which includes the single zero (0) figure. This means that the main set up of the live roulette tableaux will include the numbers from 0 to thirty six. The live roulette wheel will also be made up of these numbers where the zero is in the colour green and all other numbers will alternate between the colours red and black. The same will apply to the numerical setup on the live roulette mat where the colours of the numbers will match those of the wheel. Given the opportunity, there are a series of bets which may be placed in live roulette and these may vary mainly between inside and outside bets. An inside bet refers to bets placed on the actual numbers on the live roulette layout. There is a large opportunity of such bets ranging from straight ups, splits, corners and many more. Of course, the less numbers you bet on with a single chip, the higher the payout ratio. A straight up bet is the highest paying win as the bet is placed on a single number of the live roulette layout. On the other hand, outside bets are actually placed on the outer circumference of the live roulette layout where distinguished boxes mark a series of grouped numbers. These many vary between all reds, blacks, evens, odds among others. These are the least paying wins, however these are by far the most popular form of bets in live roulette due to the various strategies which may be combined with such bets. Although all these bets are relevant in the play of live roulette, one must note that in order to play live roulette, one must abide by the regulations of the table. As is the case with any roulette table within a land based casino, a player must choose from a series of tables varying according to their table limits; the maximum and minimum amount of bets which may be placed per players per round. Although there is no limit to the actual number of bets, the amounts are regulated.

At the start of the game, players are given a specific amount of time in which to place their bets. Once this is over, the small screen revealing the live transmission of the dealer will indicate that no more bets will be accepted. Once the roulette wheel is spun and the winning number is determined, online casino players will receive their winnings which will automatically be added to their balances. Then, as is the case with any casino, the winnings may then be transferred back into chips should the player wish to continue with his play.