Live Blackjack

Blackjack is by far one of the most popular and oldest card games in casino history. Therefore it was only inevitable that this infamous game would be included among the casino online games once casinos began to function online. Although there are many form of the blackjack game which can be found online nowadays, it is by far the live version which has attracted the most attention. Casinos such as Casino New Zealand are now offering the blackjack game with actual live dealers thanks to the collaboration it has with a land based casino. Through a live transmission via the internet, players need simply sit comfortably in the comfort of their own homes and play this card game for as long as they desire without the need to travel to a land based casino.

But before going into further detail on how the live blackjack game is played online, it is important to fully understand the basic rules and regulations of the game. Live blackjack is based on the same rules as any blackjack game although it may be played in a slightly different method online. The oldest reference there is to blackjack was in Spain when it was called venti una (twenty one). The objective of the game was and still remains the same where it is up to players to try and achieve a hand valued at twenty one or less. The name blackjack was later given to the game by the Americans when an extra bonus was handed to the player whose hand contained either a Jack of clubs or spades. This is the same main objective of live blackjack. To begin with, any online casino such as casino online New Zealand which offers live blackjack will have two main screens. The most important screen is the live blackjack layout where online players are to place their bets on their screen while the second screen is that of the live transmission. In this case the live transmission is being broadcasted from within a land based casino whereby the dealers will be interacting with actual players and online players may join in the game at any time. The live blackjack will then differ in terms of the method in which it is played. But before being able to get into further rules of the live blackjack game, it is important to note that in order for online casino players to gain access to live blackjack, they would need to log into their casino account. The reason for this is due to the real casino feel that these casinos wish to implement to their players. It is therefore because of this that free play is not allowed with live blackjack but only real play. Once the player has logged into his / her account, they will need to place deposits into their account depending on the amount they wish to play with during live blackjack. When this has been done, the player may then process to selecting a table of live blackjack. As is the case with any blackjack game in any casino, each table will regulate a series of table limits; minimum and maximum betting limits. The same applies for live blackjack. Online players will need to stick to this rule and place their bets according to the table limits. After this selection of live blackjack has been made, players will then be transferred to a separate screen which will comprise of the main layout and the video live feed.

As the game of live blackjack takes place in real time, no pre-recorded games are presented and therefore players may join in at the start of any game. Once all cards have been cleared from the table, the player is given a certain amount of time to place his / her bets on the live blackjack layout table on their screen. These bets are placed on the marked placing and online players may choose to place bets on one or all three seats. As this is a one to one game, the player will only be able to see his own bets and no others. Once the time has expired, the live blackjack dealer will begin to deal the cards. As mentioned earlier, the main objective of live blackjack is for players to achieve a hand valued at twenty one or less or at least a hand higher in value than the dealer’s without surpassing twenty one points. The method in which the cards are valued in live blackjack is in the same manner as any blackjack game. The Ace, which is the most important card in live blackjack, may be valued at either eleven points or one depending on the cards before and after the Ace. All picture cards which are the Kings, Queens and Jacks are valued at ten points, while all other cards are valued at their face value (the number 8 card has eight points, the number 6 card has six points and so on and so forth). The perfect live blackjack hand will comprise of an Ace valued at eleven points and a picture card or a ten card valued at ten points). As the live blackjack dealer begins to deal the cards, he will start with one card at a time moving from the right-most player to himself. Once each player and the dealer have two cards each, the deciding process of live blackjack will take place. This is where this form of live blackjack differs in rules. As the live dealer of live blackjack is broadcasted from within a land based casinos where actual players will also be playing, there is no way by which the online players to communicate with the dealer. This forms an advantage as such there is no limit to the number of players who may play the same game of live blackjack. Therefore instead of the players’ making the decision for their hand in live blackjack, it is the dealer who decides for them based on a series of strict rules.

Any winnings produced from this form of blackjack is then totalled and added to player’s onscreen balances. This amount may be transferred back into chips or cashed out depending on whether the casino has an open wallet function or not.