Live Baccarat

Nowadays it is becoming increasingly difficult to travel to land based casinos as often as one would like. In fact this is one of the reasons why online casinos have now become so popular among players worldwide. Taking for example players who are residents of New Zealand; purposely constructed online casinos have been developed such as Casino New Zealand which has dedicated its services and games to players from New Zealand alone. These types of casinos have included a large database of casino online games such as live table games and pokies unlike any seen before. But how does a casino online work? The answer to this question is being provided within this informative website by giving as much details as possible on the individual popular games one may find within these online casinos.

When one enters any land based casino, the most impressive factor is the series of table and card games one can find along the casino floor. It is by far these types of games which are among the oldest and most popular among casino players. Therefore it was only inevitable that online casinos would stay true to the casino feel and include these same games among their database. So much so that live baccarat is one among these said games. The term live refers to the fact that live baccarat is being played with actual dealers in real time thanks to a transmission broadcasted over the internet. This type of software is the latest in technology and has been a success ever since its introduction in the last few years. Live baccarat is based on the traditional game of baccarat following the same rules and regulations as if the player was within a land based casino himself. But before being able to describe how live baccarat functions, it is important to note the most important rules of the game. For starters, live baccarat was given its name by the French (although various names were given to the same game such as ‘Puntobanco’ by the Italians). The word baccarat means zero due to the fact that any picture cards have a value of zero. There are two main sets of hands where cards are dealt during a live baccarat game and these are referred to as ‘Player’ and ‘Banker’. The objective of the live baccarat game is for players to place bets on either the Player or Banker areas in the hopes of predicting that either one of them produces the highest value. Live Baccarat was and still is among the most popular games due to the fact that it is fast paced. So much so that throughout the centuries this game has attracted players such as aristocracy due to its high rolling nature.

Having established that all picture cards during live baccarat are valued at zero, the rest of the cards are calculated at their face value. From this point onwards, once players have placed their bets on any of the two main bet areas or else of the ‘Tie’ area (believing that both the ‘Banker’ and ‘Player’ cards may be of equal value), the dealer will begin dealing out the cards. In the case of the online live baccarat, the dealers’ transmission will be broadcasted over the internet via an online casino. However it is important to note that for any player to access any live baccarat game, they would need to log into a casino account in order to do so. The reason for this is simple. All the live casino games including that of live baccarat aim to produce a real casino feel for players playing from the comfort of their own home. Therefore it is because of this that these types of games are only allowed to be accessed in real mode and actual play time. Hence, once a player has logged into their account, and selected the appropriate live baccarat table based on the betting limits, a screen will open up revealing two main functions. The main screen will comprise of the live baccarat table where players’ online bets shall be placed while another screen will reveal the live transmission of the dealer. More often than not, casinos such as casino online New Zealand will broadcast their live dealers from a land based casino. This means that while the dealers may be dealing before actual players, online players are able to join in the same game at any point in time. So much so that there will not be a limit to the total number of online players who may play the same game of live baccarat. Once the players have then placed their bets, the screen will automatically zoom in onto the actual live baccarat table and its cards. In this manner, players will be able to get a clear and crisp view of all goings on. So far, the game of live baccarat seems simple. However the hard part is the method in which the cards are dealt. In live baccarat the dealer will begin dealing two cards to the Banker and Player. The value of the cards is then added up but only the last digit of the totalled amount is taken into consideration. This means that if for example the Player is live baccarat produces a 6 and a 7, although the total adds up to thirteen, the value of the hand is that of three (the last digit of thirteen). But this is not all that follows in the dealing of the cards within live baccarat.

Once the first two cards are dealt to each hand and neither the Player nor the Banker have a total value of eight or nine, then a third card is dealt. In the case of the Player, if the total value is that between zero and five, then a third card is drawn. If the total value is that of six or seven, the hand stands. In the case of the Banker the rules are slightly more complex. If the banker’s total is two or less, then a third card is drawn; if the total is three then a third card is drawn unless the Player’s third card is an 8; if the banker’s total is that of 4 then the bank draws another card if the Player’s third card is a 2, 3 ,4 ,5 , 6 or 7; If the banker’s total is 5 then a third card is drawn if the Player’s third card is 4, 5 6 or 7; if the banker’s total is 6 then a third card is drawn if the Player’s third card is a 6 or 7; and finally if the banker’s total is 7 then the banker’s hand stands.