Geisha Wonders Pokie

There are numerous advantages that online casinos such as Casino online New Zealand have to offer their players. For starters, the ability to play some of the best and latest casino online games is now made possible for all players who do not wish to travel the long distances to land based casinos. This is by far the best opportunity provided by such casinos. Secondly these same casinos also provide their players with the chance to play some of the most fantastic and innovative games such as live games like live roulette and of course a vast array of pokies. These pokies not only offer players the chance to win large amounts in a small amount of time but they also give players the opportunity to win jackpots.

Play Geisha Wonders Now for Free

There are many jackpot pokies to choose from but it is by far the Netent pokies which attract the most attention. Netent is one of the leading creators and developers of virtual games and each and every one of their pokies produce a series of entertainment and rewards. Games such as the Scarface pokie and Robin Hood pokie are among the few which are considered the best. However there are also those great games which Netent have created which produce progressive jackpots such as the Geisha Wonders pokie. As the name suggests, the Geisha Wonders pokie is based on a series of characters and symbols based on the majesty of Japan and its geishas. This is a factor that Netent has implemented among all its pokies; the ability to distinguish one pokie from another based on their unique themes. It is thanks to this that the selection process of the best pokies is made by players. Hence among the various symbols which one may find when playing the Geisha wonders pokie include the good luck cat, Japanese lanterns, bonsai trees, Japanese fans, tea kettles, koi fish and of course geishas. Each one of these symbols within the Geisha Wonders pokie produces a series of payouts when combined. The highest possible combination is that of the good luck charm of the cat while the lowest is that of the lanterns. For further information regarding these payouts, players may find details within the paytable during the game play of the Geisha wonders pokie. However this is not all that the Geisha Wonders pokie has to offer. As mentioned earlier, the Geisha Wonders pokie is one of the many Netent pokies which allows players to win progressive jackpots. More than one jackpot is now made available to any player playing this game. The term progressive jackpot refers to the fact that a percentage of players’ actual bets during the Geisha Wonders pokie is added to form part of a jackpot amount. However it must be noted that in order for any player to be in the running to win such jackpots, the maximum bets would need to be played. This is also the case with any other pokie where players desire to win the highest possible amounts. In fact, in order to help players make the most user friendly form of bets, Netent has included the max bet option which allows for the possibility of spinning at the highest possible bet lines and bet level. Comprising of five reels and thirty bet lines, this would mean that players selecting the max bet option during their game play of the Geisha Wonders pokie will be betting on the full thirty lines and the highest bet level of 4. The value of the coins is then manually selected by the player at the start of each spin. But this is not all that the Geisha Wonders pokie has to offer its players. There are a series of additional features which make this video slot a must for all pokie players. These include wild substitutions, free spins and scatter wins.

The Geisha Wonders pokie’s jackpots have their own set of rules and regulations would need to be followed in order to obtain these wins. To start with, as mentioned earlier, players would need to place the maximum possible bets in order to be in the running of achieving these jackpots. Once this has been done a series of symbols would need to also be obtained in order to access the jackpots. In the case of the largest jackpot (the Mega Wonder jackpot) of the Geisha Wonders pokie, players would need to spin the reels and achieve five jackpot symbols. In the case of the wonder jackpot of the Geisha Wonders pokie, players would need to achieve four jackpot symbols. It is important to note that although the Geisha Wonders pokie is also offered in free mode, the actual amounts of these jackpots is only displayed in real mode while players are playing through their casino accounts. It is also important to note that these jackpot amounts are displayed in a thirty second delay and any jackpots won will be received upon verification of certain criteria and details of the winners. But should a player be unable to immediately win the jackpots within the Geisha Wonders pokie, there are also the other features which can produce high wins. The Geisha Wonders pokie free spins are activated when three or more scatter symbols in the form of geishas appear anywhere on the reels. With the appearance of three scatter symbols, the player will be awarded with ten free spins; with four scatter symbols, the players will be awarded with twenty free spins and with a maximum of five scatter symbols, the player will automatically activate thirty free spins. All winnings obtained from the free spins are doubled, totalled and added to players’ balances with the exception of jackpot win produced by this Geisha Wonders pokie feature. But no matter the total number of free spins activated, these are players automatically at the same bet level and lines as the spin which triggered them in the first place. This is yet another reason why it is recommended to play the highest possible bets during the Geisha Wonders pokie.